If your office or business is impacted by a fire, flood or other type of disaster, you need to avoid business interruption by initiating a Virtual Office!

A virtual office offers many of the same amenities as a full-time office, but without the full-time office space or the full-time price. Within 24 hours after experiencing a disaster, these office centers offer their virtual office clients full-time services including professional telephone reception, voicemail, incoming mail distribution and an address in Manhattan!

For more information, please contact:

GRB Real Estate Services, LLC
251 West 39th Street, 18th Floor
New York, NY 10018

Contact:  Jay Feiertag
Email:  JF@grbre.com
Website:  www.GRBRE.com
Mobile:  973-985-0406

Data Storage/Recovery

Rental Furniture

Fire Alarms/Video Surveillance

Every organization should include a disaster or emergency response plan as part of its business model. Being prepared and knowing who to call in the event of a disaster will allow a company to react to a situation in a more organized and efficient manner. Identifying appropriate contacts will assure continuity of your business!

The following companies have the ability to support business entities in various aspects related to disaster recovery:

Business Telecommunications

Business Resources

Data Storage Corporation (DSC) is a leading provider of professional services focused on data protection and business continuity solutions that help organizations of all types and sizes protect their data, minimize downtime, ensure regulatory compliance, and recover and restore data quickly.

Contact:  Jansen Hafen
Telephone:  212.564.4922 Ext.136
Email:  jhafen@datastoragecorp.com

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For more information about becoming a PRO-911 resource, please contact
Gary Matzelle:

​Business Telecommunication Systems

​Contact: Paul V. Pompeo
Telephone: 212.886.0948

For emergency service, please call (212) 244-8441

Virtual Office

Disasters Can Happen Any Time!


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IRL Systems will provide all associated services for your Fire Alarm, Video Surveillance, and Access Control needs.​

Contact: 718.491.0642

CORT, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, is the world’s largest provider of rental furniture. Along with serving everyday needs, CORT is proud to have been recognized as a reliable first responder to disasters like Hurricane Katrina.

Contact:  Sharon Mann
Telephone:  631.420.5802
Email:  sharon.mann@cort.com