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As with all emergency situations, Branch Restoration responds to oil spills 24/7. We are experienced in all phases of oil spill remediation whether indoors, outdoors or underground. We act as a liaison between property owners and the authorities that have jurisdiction over the spill. Waste materials are properly contained, transported and disposed of at D.E.C. approved disposal sites. We also have the knowledge and experience to help with underground tank removal or abandonment.


Our oil spill clean up procedures include:

  • Removal and containment of all oil-soaked materials or contents
  • Cleaning the spill quickly and safely
  • Transporting materials to appropriate disposal sites
  • Utilization of ozone treatments to help remove any remaining odors and purify air.

Oil / Mercury Spills

Mercury Spills
Branch Restoration also responds to residential and commercial mercury spills.

Oil Mercury Spills in New York